Monday, July 21, 2008

Potty training saga continues.........

So Gabriel has been somewhat trained in the last 2 weeks.  Over the weekend he had a bit of a setback refusing to attempt #2 on the toilet.  He even.....BEWARE OF TMI..........pooped right on the floor in our attempt to run to the toilet if he's naked.  Today I took the boys to the mall because it's sooooo hot.  I put Gabriel in underwear and gave him the lecture of not soiling poor Thomas.  One hour into our trip Gabriel started the poop dance.  I told him to "push it up" until we got to the bathroom.  He resisted but I managed to get him there.   I placed him on the toilet and told him to push.  Unfortunately we had a toilet that automatically flushed every minute.  At first this freaked Gabriel out (and flushed millions of germs on his tush)  but I managed to make a joke out of the magic flusher.  After some reminders of the cool Thomas toy he would get if he continued to poop for a week, Gabriel managed to get one out.  I almost missed seeing it (to confirm it happened) because flusher went off at the same time.  Good times.

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