Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

1st real poopy on the toilet

Gabriel had his first b.m. on the toilet on Sunday.  Andrew caught him in the crouching positon and carried him (screaming) to the toilet.  After 15min. Andrew was really to throw in the towel but lo and behold there was a big poopy.  We had a major celebration and Gabriel received the harmonica (monica) that he has been promised for 2 months.  Gabriel hasn't repeated the b.m. on the pot.  He becomes quite paralyzed when the poopy feeling comes and we can figure out how to get him to hold it and run to the bathroom.

Say _____ game

Gabriel's new past time with Noah is the say it game.  Gabriel will say a random word and ask Noah to repeat it.  Ex.  Say fish Noah, Say papaya Noah.  Noah will repeat everything Gabriel asks, much to the delight of Gabriel.


Gabriel - Can I have that toy?
Dad - No, it's for girls.
G. - Can we get it for mommy?
D. - No, she doesn't like it.
G. - Can we get it for Nina.