Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hannah and Gabriel

Hannah came over for a play date after school. I asked them to hold hands as we crossed the street. They didn't let go after we crossed :)

Gabriel and Naomi

It was our turn to host the Shabbat group for dinner. Gabriel and Naomi took their food and found a small space to eat together. It was very sweet.

Class tour

Gabriel acted as a tour guide when a younger class toured his classroom.
Gabriel proudly showed them the art studio.
When everyone was lining up to leave Gabriel loudly said, Thanks for coming!"


Noah and Gabriel (especially Noah) have been talking a lot about death and dying lately.
When they play someone always dies.
This morning during breakfast Noah said, "Let's talk about dying mommy."
I took out some pictures of my mom and told them she got sick and died.
Noah said, "You die when you get sick or old."
I told them I miss her very much and she would have been your abuela.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shabbat sing

Ready for Bim Bam
Noah dancing with his friends.
Daddy paying a visit.

This will be one of the last Shabbat sings with both boys. I have really enjoyed having the boys sit on my lap and sing along with Ellie. Although in the last 6 months Gabriel waves hello and sits with his class. In the last month Noah has done the same. Bittersweet.

Noah turns 4

My baby boy is 4. We had a old fashion backyard party for him.
Good time had by all.

Balloon toss.

Noah picked out a baseball pinata.
How old are you?