Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Poo Poo in the Potty!!!!

We have been struggling with potty training for some time now.  Gabriel will pee in the toilet but he never really did # 2 until Sunday.  Gabriel on a hike in the woods when the poop face appeared.  After some encouragement from daddy Gabriel squatted and pooped on the ground.  On Monday I showed Gabriel a toy he could have if he pooped on the toilet.  He said he wanted to try so I took him to the bathroom set him up with 2 books and left him.  After about 10min. he said he did it.  Sure enough sitting in the toilet was the long sought after pooie.  He said, " I heard the splash!"  Today I told Gabriel to pee before nap time and he said he wanted to poopie.  Well after a few pushes success again.  This may seem like nothing to most but we have been struggling with this for months now.  I really hope he has it time time.

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