Saturday, July 16, 2011

A word a day

The boys have loved learning super hard words with A Word A Day from teachmama.
Every morning I introduce a new flash card. We read the definition and sentence and then make our own. The boys have really enjoyed impressing family members with new vocabulary.

Everyday write books

Here's another idea I borrowed from the We Teach blog.
The boys each got a book with handwriting paper inside. They decorated the covers by making a collage from a stack of magazines.
Everyday we have been writing facts about ourselves (address, phone number, age, birthdate). Gabriel has been using complete sentences. Noah has been perfecting his Kindergarden pencil grip with the help of a Claw.

Kid's Car Wash

Gabriel had been wanting to make this car wash he saw in Family Fun Magazine for some time. I finally went to the hardware store and bought all the materials. Andrew built it and I put the finishing touches on it. The boys gave it a thumbs up.


So far we have prepared 2 items for a kid's cookbook
Sweet Potatoes Surprise and Granola. They didn't really care for the potatoes and the granola got a little burnt but we had fun!

Me on the Map

We have been doing some of the activities on Smart Summer Challenge blog.

Me on the Map was a favorite.

Mommy camp in full effect!

The boys had 2 weeks of real camp this summer and a lot of "mommy camp". I have tried to plan out plenty of activities to keep them active. Each boy has an activity clipboard. The days activities are written down. They check the box next to the activity when it's complete.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

President on a coin

Noah - If I am a president when I die will you tell me what coin I am on?